Episode 80: Trainspotting with You Am I

Pointy and Moose return from hiatus and show themselves as the one trick tony's they are with ANOTHER episode about You Am I.

For our returning episode, we focus on the musical references in their first four records so if nerding out about references to Big Star, The Who, The Stones and Elvis Costello (amongst many others) is your thing, this is the podcast for you!

If you want to listen to the references or let us know what we've missed, head to our blog.

You Am I are currently touring Australia so if you haven't yet got your tickets yet you can remedy this immediately by heading to youami.com.au.

Episode 77: PigSty in July 2016 Special

Splitting Cases hit up the PigSty In July festival in the Hunter Valley for good food, booze and second hand formal fun.

Join them as they talk music festivals, discuss treasure hunting with musician Claire Anne Taylor, and The Roots with Masco Sound System drummer Ben McAtamney.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for our stand alone Pigsty podcast with Shihad's Phil Knight!

Episode 75: Tegan Seymour on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This episode of Splitting Cases delves into the Marvel Comic Universe with Permanent Procrastinator, local blogger and style icon Tegan Seymour.

Hear about everything from the 90s X-Men cartoon series to the box office breaking films. As well as theories why most Aussie kids didn’t grow up reading comics and why the DCEU stumbled right out of the gate.

Episode 74: Marcus Westbury on Sport

Renew Newcastle founder, writer and television host Marcus Westbury joins us this episode to talk about his lack of sporting prowess, living vicariously through the more naturally inclined and finding an 'in' to the world of SPORT!

It wouldn't be us though if we didn't trail off on subjects like hats, Guess Who sex pests, awkward wedding speeches and much more.

Website: www.marcuswestbury.com

Episode 73: Darren Hanlon on Wake In Fright

Legendary Aussie songwriter Darren Hanlon talks about lost Aussie classic ‘Wake In Fright’ on our latest episode from a bedroom floor in Annandale!

Hear Hanlon talk about his love of the film, a disastrous screening, meeting the director and hunting film locations. While steering well of course to Harold and Maude, impromptu guitar lessons, why the internet doesn't have all the answers and much more.

Episode 68: Seinfeld with Ethan Andrews

Stand up comedian and stand up guy Ethan Andrews joins Pointy and the Moose to talk about his favourite sitcom, Seinfeld.

Listen to our chat about Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Dunston Checks In and YaddaYaddaYadda. We don't mind if you double dip on this episode!

If you are in Newcastle keep an eye out for Tonight’s the Night with Ethan Andrews at the The Press Book House. The event kicked off in late January and will occur on the last Monday of each month with a rotating cast of guests.

Episode 67: Songwriting with Charles Jenkins

Charles Jenkins of Icecream Hands and solo notoriety joins us in the beer garden of the Grand Junction Hotel in Maitland to talk songwriting.  Moose and Pointy bring their A-game but are no match for the man who wrote ‘Nipple’ and ‘Spirit Level Windowsill’ so join us for a few beers and a chat.

Hear the songwriters songwriter on songwriting!

Episode 65: Jon Toogood from Shihad on David Bowie

This episode, join Pointy and the Moose upstairs at the Stag & Hunter hotel with Shihad frontman Jon Toogood talking all things David Bowie! 

Hear about Jon’s first experiences with Bowie, the cover he has chosen for his acoustic ‘Planet Of Sound Tour’, seeing Bowie live while Lou Reed squirmed three rows back, what his son thinks of ‘Lets Dance’ and a whole lot more. 

Episode 61: Women in Film with Alex Morris

Would Star Wars be the same if Princess Leia were replaced with a ‘sexy lamp’?

Get to know Newcastle Herald reporter, blogger, poet and all round creative Alex Morris, as we chat about roles, wage and screen time for women in film! 

As usual we stray into topics far and wide to cover Hollywood, the Bechdel test, the gender pay gap, Showgirls and sexy lamps.

If you love movies, this one’s for you – fire up your inner feminist and join Pointy and the Moose, with Alex Morris.

Follow Alex on Twitter & Instagram @nemiwai