You Am I

Episode 80: Trainspotting with You Am I

Pointy and Moose return from hiatus and show themselves as the one trick tony's they are with ANOTHER episode about You Am I.

For our returning episode, we focus on the musical references in their first four records so if nerding out about references to Big Star, The Who, The Stones and Elvis Costello (amongst many others) is your thing, this is the podcast for you!

If you want to listen to the references or let us know what we've missed, head to our blog.

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Episode 40: Chris (The Captain) and Tenille on John Mayer and Taylor Swift

This week our guests Chris and Tenille travel all the way from New Zealand to give Pointy and Moose (mostly Pointy) an education on John Mayer and Taylor Swift.


Not only are Chris and Tenille extremely lovely individuals but they are also talented photographers too! To take a look at some of their work go to:

Episode 20: The White Album with a Bunch of Yokos

Hear how we started a revolution! Pointy and Moose recorded an episode about The White Album on the way to see Australian rock icons Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Josh Pyke and Tim Rogers perform this classic Beatles record from start to finish. There's also a quick recap of the show itself towards the end. Bunch of Yoko's!

Episode 14: Australian Rock with Nick Milligan

Australia recently lost two great Aussie Rock icons in Doc Neeson and Jim Keays. To pay tribute to these two legends, Pointy and The Moose caught up with music journalist and author Nick Milligan to talk all about Aussie Rock. We talked for hours and the case was well and truly split, so much so that we have had to split this episode in half. Here is part one covering the 60s to the 90s.