Star Wars

Episode 61: Women in Film with Alex Morris

Would Star Wars be the same if Princess Leia were replaced with a ‘sexy lamp’?

Get to know Newcastle Herald reporter, blogger, poet and all round creative Alex Morris, as we chat about roles, wage and screen time for women in film! 

As usual we stray into topics far and wide to cover Hollywood, the Bechdel test, the gender pay gap, Showgirls and sexy lamps.

If you love movies, this one’s for you – fire up your inner feminist and join Pointy and the Moose, with Alex Morris.

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Episode XIII: Star Wars Movie Marathon

Let's get our nerd on. On May The Fourth Pointy and The Moose spent the weekend watching all six Star Wars movies at a two day movie marathon. Nothing Cutesy and Hannah joined us on the first day for the prequel trilogy and Hannah tapped in our friend Randall for the original trilogy on the second day. It was Nothing Cutesy's first time watching all the movies so it was very interesting to get her take on the series. Enjoy!